Creations by Mastro Raphaël

Bed linen and accessories, bath and table linen, decorative and embroidered cushions, plaids, curtains for interiors, rugs, furnishing textiles.

Mastro Raphaël creates atmospheres.
It interprets decorative elements for the home, bringing them to life, rendering them matchable, all complete with elevated aesthetic standards.
All creations are characterised by an eye for detail, the use of noble fabrics such as silk, linen, cashmere, along with a search for colours that are always special. 


Bathrobe Segreti shawl

Bedspread rombi Midsummer

Bedspread asterisco Midsummer

Cushion damasco Canova

Cushion rombi Midsummer

Cushion embroidered all-over quattro volant grandi Calais

Quilted bedspread Angels

Quilted bedspread Api

Quilted bedspread quadri piccoli Bread&Butter

Quilted bedspread quadri grandi Bread&Butter

Quilted bedspread righe Bread&Butter

Quilted bedspread Burford

Quilted bedspread rombi Canova

Quilted Bedspread Day By Day

Quilted bedspread all-over Dune Merveille

Quilted bedspread Kerman

Quilted bedspread patchwork Montresor

Quilted bedspread Painting

Quilted bedspread Pergamon

Sheet set Angels

Sheet set Angels seta cotone

Sheet set Api

Sheet set Bread&Butter

Sheet set Burford

Sheet set Canova

Sheet set Day By Day

Sheet set Desert Cloth

Sheet set cases with 3 flanges Dune Merveille

Sheet set arabesque Montresor

Sheet set Pennylane

Sheet set Calais

Sheet set gessato Queen's

Towel set 2 pieces Api

Towel set 2 pieces Desert Cloth

Towel set 2 pieces Dune Merveille

Towel set 2 pieces Segreti

Quilt Angels

Quilt righe Bread&Butter

Quilt damasco Canova

Quilt embroidered all-over Calais

Quilt gessato Queen's

Fabric Aberdeen

Curtain Aberdeen

Telo tenda lino mantovana ricamata Bloomberry

Telo tenda balza ricamata laterale destra Bloomberry

Telo tenda lino ricamo all-over Bloomberry

Telo tenda lino costruita ricamata Bloomberry

Telo tenda lino unito Bloomberry

Curtain Calais righe verticali

Curtain Calais volant smerlato

Curtain Calais mantovana

Seta unita taffetas Canova

Sopratenda seta unita taffetas

Seta riga piccola raso jacquard Canova

Fabric seta rombo raso jacquard Canova

Sopratenda seta rombo

Fabric seta damasco raso jacquard Canova

Sopratenda seta damasco

Curtain Coralli

Curtain Corallo Magno

Lino pesante Dunans

Lino Leggero Dunans

Curtain lino leggero Dunans

Curtain all-over ricco

Curtain lino Una riga

Curtain lino Due righe

Fabric Glaigstone

Velluto falso unito

Piqué Aemilia

Piqué Cannabis

Piqué Canneté

Piqué Rombetto

Piqué Seme

Fabric Lauriston

Fabric Linolana leggero

Fabric Linolana pesante

Curtain Linolana leggero

Curtain Linolana pesante

Fabric Lothian

Curtain Lothian

Curtain lino e organza Edmond Rostand

Curtain lino e organza Orazio

Curtain lino Gandhi

Lino ricamo rombi all-over

Curtain lino ricamo rombi all-over

Lino ricamo stelle grandi e piccole all-over

Curtain lino ricamo stelle grandi e piccole all-over

Lino ricamo api grandi e piccole all-over

Curtain lino ricamo api grandi e piccole all-over

Lino ricamo api all-over

Lino ricamo damasco all-over

Curtain lino ricamo damasco all-over

Curtain Roseberry rose all-over

Curtain Roseberry Losanghe

Curtain Roseberry rose mantovana

Curtain Roseberry rose balza

Curtain Roseberry unita con passanti e bottoni in madreperla

Curtain Roseberry strisce verticali

Quilted bedspread embroidered all-over Calais

Fabric unito Camaldoli

Fabric rete Camaldoli

Tela lino cotone pesante

Rug Unito

Rug Keith

Rug Coralli

Fabric Gonzaga

Fabric Antinoo

Linen Adrian

Fabric Gropius

Velvet Doria

Velvet damasco

Rombo grande Camaldoli

Tela lino cotone leggera

Tela lino cotone media

Piqué Tela 4x4

Fabric Marmorino

Lino Teseo

Seta unita

Fabric Botswana

Seta Canneté

Seta Damasco

Seta cotone corteccia

Tenda Corin embroidery pattern "indienne"

Lino Unito Pergamon fabrics

Rug Falso unito

Rug Quadretto puntino

Rug Rete

Rug Rombi

Rug Spina grande 

Plaid Phil jacquard pinstreped wool

Plaid Phil jacquard chevron wool

Plaid Phil jacquard joined double-sided wool

Plaid Davis

Si raccomanda esclusivamente lavaggio a secco con programma delicato. Non asciugare in tumbler. Stirare con ferro tiepido ad una temperatura inferiore a 110°C.

Plaid Arvin

Plaid Leos

Quilt quadri grandi Bread&Butter

Quilt quadri piccoli Bread&Butter

Pillow Bread & Butter